Thursday, August 19, 2010

White Crochet Dress

I bought this vintage white crochet dress online. I love this!

In this picture, I casual downed mixing this dress as a girly and tomboy.

This dress is very girly, but I was wearing cut-off damaged jean pants underneath.
( U can't see my nicker! Thank you very much ;>)

Shoes are my favorite Missoni (Again !?)

This one, I pull down the dress ( so that noone can see my nicker..)

With a vintage (Kelly-like) Purse from France.

Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell

Good out fit for a dinner date, right ???

Then, I wear Hugo Boss Jacket on it, so that I can wear this in the office as well.

Which style do you like?

By the way, ignore my sloppy bedroom please....


janettaylor said...

I think the 1st one is my fave, but that purse is lovely too. :)

Kika von New Amsterdam said...

Thank you, Janet.
I wore this style at my friend's party one night, and it was a hit :>

I bought the bag at too!