Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Stella McCartney's Adidas is fab!

I happened to get a tweet regarding Caroline Wozniacki's new season adidas tennis gear for the U.S. Open 2010.

Upper bust trough the back is see-through material.

It's not bad at all although I liked the last year's pinky lacy cute cute tennis gear though.

Anyway, so after looking the new tennis gear, I went to Adidas' website to check out other Stella's collection. And they are Fabulous! I like them ;>

Some items on my fav lane:

Run Gloves  & Running Gilet (How cool you can be when you sweat on jogging with this gilet>?)

Ready to Dance bag and Fashion Bag

They are too cute to use only for sports. Why not using them daily?

These shoes may be good for someone who got tired of Converse.

Rick Owens- like sleeveless hoody. This is my best favorite of all.

And the last and not the least, legwarmers!
 I know you don't even want to see those leg warmers on the hot day like today,

but they are cool for this coming fall!

Oh, Can't wait to wear them all.. ( I mean, am I gonna buy them all? Seriously...?)

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