Monday, June 28, 2010

Very weird...

I opened my blog account last week with my hotmail account, and it was not problem so far till today.

Now I can't log in to my own blog, because I was asked to log in with gmail account. But hotmail is not GMAIL ACCOUNT; therefore, I can't go to my blog to post!!!

I searhced about it and fount out that the problem was not only mine...

 So many people had the same problem and no one seems ever solved the problem..

If we had to use gmail account, why shouldn't you tell me so when I signed up?

Why did you accept my hotmail accout as my user name at the beginning?

Anyway, I'm computer dumb after all so I created another account (with gmail.. are you happy now???)

Well, I can't use blog title that has been existing ( even though it's MINE!) so I needed another one. 

The new one is La Mode de KIKA .

I would like to write about my own style in fashion, life, and beyond...

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